Chevy Traverse: How To Reset Oil Life Light (2009-2022)

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Hey! How are you doing, guys? I’m going to be showing you today how to reset the oil life light after you have changed the engine oil on your Chevy Traverse.

So when the engine oil life system estimates how long it will take to replace the engine oil and filter, it displays a message on the dash screen. I don’t recommend doing this if you haven’t changed the oil just to get rid of it because you may forget to change it or something. So let’s get rolling on this.

Chevy Traverse: How To Reset Oil Life Light (2009-2022)

How To Reset Oil Life Light On a Chevy Traverse

Warning! Please note your vehicle model. This tutorial will hold true for the first and second generations of the Chevy Traverse (2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 model years).

2009-2017 Traverse

With TRIP Stem

  • Take the key and turn it to the on position without cranking up the engine
  • Then come over to the instrument cluster and press the TRIP stem until you see the OIL LIFE
chevrolet chevy cluster reset oil life
  • Next, you’re gonna press and hold the TRIP stem until it goes to a hundred percent oil life remaining

With DIC Keys

  • First, you put your key in the ignition turn it to the on position so you’re going to see everything come up on your little display panel
  • Then what you want to do is come down over here and you want to hit the VEHICLE INFO button to run through all the menus and get the OIL LIFE percentage
chevrolet chevy info reset oil life
  • Once you get there, you need to hold the ✓ checkmark down for about five seconds and it’ll reset for you

2018-2022 Traverse

Base Level Screen

Time needed: 3 minutes.

I will demonstrate how to reset the oil life on this 2019 Traverse. We’ll be using the keys on the right side of the steering wheel while looking at the screen on the dash. So now we’ll get started here.

  1. First, start the car

  2. Get to the VEHICLE or i tab

    These are the keys you’ve only used to navigate throughout the system. So you want to go ahead and press the ◄or► key to take you to the VEHICLE or i tab
    chevrolet chevy steering reset oil life

  3. Find the OIL LIFE

    Then you’re gonna go ahead and press the ▼ arrow key until you see the OIL LIFE

  4. Hold in the ✓ checkmark button

    On that screen, press the key with the ✓ checkmarks on it for a little bit till you see are you sure you wanna reset?

  5. Select Yes

    Next, click on YES and so that’s how you reset it

Uplevel Screen

  • Begin by turning the ignition key
  • Then tap the ◄ left arrow, which will bring up your primary menus
  • We’ll scroll up the left side of the screen until we get to INFO and then press the ✓ key to get to the desired information.
  • At this point, you’ll push the right-hand wheel arrows once more until you reach to OIL LIFE percentage, which will be on this screen.
  • Press and hold the ✓ key until the screen beeps and reads 100%, then release

So that’s how easy Chevrolet made it for you as an owner of the car. Hopefully, this post has been helpful to you. I tried to put together some information for maintenance so people could perform their own maintenance on this vehicle. Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day.

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