Resetting ABS Light on 2009 Toyota Corolla without Scan Tool

Resetting ABS Light on 2009 Toyota Corolla without Scan Tool – The Toyota Corolla is an average passenger car produced by Toyota since 1966 in various versions. The most sold since 1997 is considered the car of all time and the first car to have exceeded the threshold of 30 million units produced. According to some statistics every 40 seconds in the world it would sell a Toyota Corolla. The code that identifies the frame inside the house Corolla is E. Since 2007, versions 3 and 5 doors of the Corolla were removed from the market in favor of the heir, the Toyota Auris.

The first generation Toyota Corolla was launched in Japan in October 1966, replacing the Publica and shortly after its main competitor the Nissan Sunny (known overseas as Datsun 1000). The Toyota Corolla is available with three bodies: two four-door sedan, station wagon and two-door coupe, called “Sprinter”. The preparations for the sedan are Base, Hi-Deluxe and SL. The engine with two carburetors equips the SL is that the Sprinter, also available with the smaller engine. As well as the Internal Market was produced for export, mainly to the US market (which began selling in 1968) and Australia where it was presented in conjunction with the internal market and assembled on site in the plant of around Melbourne. As usual the house, after two years, the model was subjected to a partial makeover in 1970 and was replaced by the new series, the Toyota Corolla E20.

Resetting ABS Light on 2009 Toyota Corolla without Scan Tool

Resetting ABS Light on 2009 Toyota Corolla without Scan Tool:

If the ABS light is on, the ECU is trying to tell you it thinks you have a problem. You can’t just clear the code by disconnecting the battery, they can only be reset like this procedure or a high end scan tool. To turning off the ABS Light on your 2009 Toyota Corolla, follow these steps:

  • Connect terminal 4 (CG pin) and 13 (TC pin) of the OBD-II socket with a jumper wire.

Resetting ABS Light on Toyota

  • Turn the ignition ON but do not start the engine
  • You’ll see lots of flashing lights, but please just note the ABS light. Count the blinks of the ABS light, normally, it should be fast and continue to blink, twice per second. You can find a chart online of exactly what code you’re looking at.
  • To clear the codes, turn the key off
  • Then turn the ignition ON and press the brake pedal 8 times within 5 seconds.
  • If the way you are correct, the ABS light should return to its normal fast blinking.
  • Turn off the car and remove jumper.
  • Finally, start the engine and verify the indicator has been reset.

For more details, please watch the following video:

Note: This procedure only resets the light, not the underlying problem. If it comes back on, you still have a problem. Hopefully the article of Resetting ABS Light on 2009 Toyota Corolla without Scan Tool useful for you. Good Luck! 😀

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