Here’s How To Reset Oil Maintenance Light On Toyota Supra (2020-2022)

Good day, rich man! I am super stoked to walk you through an oil maintenance light reset on the Toyota Supra for today’s post. For those of you that are Toyota technicians, you know exactly what I’m talking about. However, for those of you that aren’t, let me catch you up.

We have probably around 10,000 kilometers on the engine now. It’s probably time to change the oil because of how hard we’ve been driving this thing. So let’s go inside and see what it takes to reset.

How To Reset Oil Maintenance Light On Toyota Supra (2020-2022)

How To Reset Oil Maintenance Light On Toyota Supra

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Alright, guys, in this chapter, we’re going to show you how to get into the service menu on the new GR Supra so that you can reset some diagnostic features, including engine oil or brake pad data for those of you that track the car. So let’s get right up in this.

  1. Turn your car to diagnostic mode

    Alright so to start you need to put this thing in diagnostic mode. To do that you hit the START button three times consecutively quickly 

  2. Wait for the Diagnostic Mode Active message to come up

    Once you do that, we’ll get cluster comes on all the warning lights and wait till Diagnostic Mode Active message appears on the screen

  3. Hold in the 0.0 button

    There’s a 0.0 button on the bottom left of the cluster and what you’re going to do is you’re going to hold that down until it brings you to the service menu where it says reset possible
    toyota oil maintenance reset dash

  4. Go to the ENGINE OIL

    Now to scroll through this menu you’re just going to tap the button and you’ll be able to go to ENGINE OIL
    service icon light reset

  5. Push and hold the 0.0 button

    To reset that you’re gonna hold the button on the Engine Oil Reset Possible and it’ll ask you to reset 

  6. Release and hold down the button again

    After that, you’re gonna let go and you’re gonna hold it again until you see a little circle hourglass thing spinning and it will let you know that it was reset successfully 

What If It’s Unsuccessful?

Sometimes you will have where it says reset unsuccessful. The number one culprit although it sounds very silly is if your clock isn’t set. So if you try to do it your clock’s not set that’s something you definitely need to do; because there’s something that ties in. 

You’ll notice it says 8,000 miles or so or by this date. Somehow the date goes by the time, so I guess that’s how it keeps track of the days. So without that, it’s going to be unsuccessful but as long as you set your time for the most part you should be good to do it every time.

So that’s how you do it on the new Supra J29/DB (2020 2021 2021 models). As you just saw, it is super easy to reset your oil light at home. Now one of the big reasons people are doing this is because the dealer is updating software and wiping out tunes and things like that, but as you can see, it only takes about 3 minutes. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next super content.

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