Quick Oil Life Reset Guide On Chevy Tahoe (2002-2022)

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Hey, what’s going on, guys! Today, I’m going to show you how to reset the oil life on the Chevy Tahoe. This is going to be on my 2017 Chevy Tahoe with the Duramax engine, but this procedure should be the same for any Tahoe model.

So it’s pretty much the same thing for the other features you have, like an air filter life, brake pad life, and the other stuff like that, but we’re not going to mess with that. It’s only got six thousand miles on it. So let’s check this out!

How To Perform Oil Life Reset On Chevy Tahoe

Warning! Please note your vehicle model. This tutorial will hold true for the second, third, fourth, and fifth generations of the Chevrolet Tahoe (2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 model years).

The Easiest Way (2002-2022)

Time needed: 1 minute.

In this chapter, I will show you the easiest way to reset the oil life for all generations of Chevy Tahoe. I’m sure that this is probably the same procedure for all the GM lines. So let me teach you right now.

  1. Put on the ignition

    First, you’re going to turn your key to the run position with your engine off 

  2. Step on the GAS pedal 3 times

    Then you’re going to fully press and release the GAS pedal three times within five seconds

  3. See your dash

    When you’ve pressed your gas pedal three times your change engine oil light should flash for five seconds which tells you the system is reset

  4. Start your car

    Now you can start the engine to check engine oil light should not come on anymore

2007-2014 Tahoe

  • Switch the key on
  • Then use the information button with the car on it to scroll through until you get to the OIL LIFE percentage 
chevrolet chevy dic reset oil life
  • Once that shows you the oil life, use the checkmark button and hold it until it shows a hundred percent

2015-2020 Tahoe

With Dash Button

  • Switch on the ignition
  • Once that’s done cycling through I’m gonna press this TRIP button until I get to where it says OIL LIFE
chevrolet chevy cluster reset oil life
  • Now the next one I’m going to do is I’m going to push in and then hold it until I hear beeps and that should reset the Oil Life

With DIC Button

  • Grab your keys and turn the car on
  • Then press the left arrow to open the main menu and get over to the INFO
chevrolet chevy steering reset oil life
  • From there, scroll down to go through your menu items and find the OIL LIFE  
  • Once you get the oil life, you just press the ✓ button and hold it down to reset the oil life

2021-2022 Tahoe

  • Flip the key to the on position without actually starting the vehicle 
  • Then you push to the right so it’ll take you to the i for info
chevrolet chevy dash reset oil life
  • Next, use the little wheel in the middle and scroll up or down until you get to OIL LIFE
  • Once you’re on oil life, push the middle of the wheel that goes in and says are you sure you want to reset
  • After that, push to the right for YES and push the middle button and you are done

So that’s all you got to do. If you have any questions on how we reset the oil or how to acquire oil for less money, please ask them in the comments box. Thanks for reading!

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