Mazda RX8 Renesis Engine Parts Diagram (13B-MSP)

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Mazda RX8 Renesis Engine Parts Diagram (13B-MSP) – The development of the RX-8 started when three generations of the RX-7 began to decline drastically in US sales in 1995 and only the MX-5 is still scoring good sales, Mazda decided to develop a concept car that is smaller because of the RX-7 FD taxable size cars in Japan. Although RX-7 FD latter using predatory machine 13B-REW twin-rotor twin-turbocharged with Hitachi HT-12 sequential turbo the production of the legendary FD ended in 2002, but, in 1995, the Mazda RX-01 makes the concept of the early embryo 13B-MSP, an NA engine with the side exhaust port.

Unfortunately, Mazda then experiencing financial difficulties and the market will begin to look to the SUV, the RX-01 is not developed yet. However, a division Skunkworks still developing engine Mazda 13B-MSP by attaching it to the chassis of the Miata as a test mule. And it turns out it attracted the attention of management. 13B-MSP baptized with the name ‘RENESIS’ and coupled to the RX-EVOLVE concept that already resembles the RX-8 with its suicide doors.

Mazda RX8 Renesis Engine Parts Diagram (13B-MSP):

Mazda RX8 Renesis Engine Parts Diagram (13B-MSP)
  1. Front housing
  2. Front stationary gear
  3. Thrust plate
  4. Needle bearing
  5. Plate
  6. Front rotor
  7. Steel ball
  8. Spring
  9. Oil jet plug
  10. Eccentric shaft
  11. Front rotor housing
  12. Tubular dowel (front rotor housing side)
  13. Intermediate housing
  14. Rear rotor
  15. Rear rotor housing
  16. Tubular dowel (rear rotor housing side)
  17. Pressure regulator
  18. Rear stationary gear
  19. Rear oil seal
  20. Rear housing
  21. Tension bolt
  22. Flywheel (MT), counterweight (AT)

MSP is an acronym for Multi Side Port, while ‘Renesis’ is a synonym of Rotary Engine Genesis. RENESIS’s rotary engine is a twin-rotor Wankel NA with a total capacity of 1308cc with an output of 247hp and 216nm torque @ 5500rpm for its hi-power version. Start at 9000rpm redline and rev alarm began to bark at 9000+. Mazda RX-8 uses the Hi-Powered version, where the Mazda engineers push the capabilities of this legendary machine to near the limit. However, the engine output is still below its predecessor engine, twin-turbo 13B-REW mounted on the RX-7.

However, pound for pound, RENESIS gives greater power with higher compression and water jacket in its side-housing to prevent carbon buildup. Mazda also makes the design of the rotor in sealed differently and added a second cut-off ring. And to keep the engine is lightweight, Mazda changed the apex seal design to reduce friction and make the engine rpm and can survive in very high compression at the same time managed to reduce the net weight of the engine up to 122 kg.

Well, although the total displacement of the two rotors RENESIS just 1308cc, its power output to match the 2600cc engine, because the two-rotor Wankel has the same power cycles in one rotation/rev engine with four-cylinder piston engine 2600cc. To handle the output and rev so high from this engine, Mazda pair a transmission 7C-Y6Y0 6SP MT. For the AT version, available 4AT and 6AT but is limited to 7500rpm rev to prevent transmission destroyed. This diagram is based on the Mazda workshop manual. Hopefully the article of Mazda RX8 Renesis Engine Parts Diagram (13B-MSP) useful for you.

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