2003 Honda S2000 Cylinder Head Parts Diagram (F20C Engine)

2003 Honda S2000 Cylinder Head Parts Diagram (F20C Engine) – F20C is the first engine used in Honda S2000. To get the most out of the machine compact, Honda engineers using technology derived from the Honda racing engines. A low rod stroke ratio is set to achieve very high engine speeds. VTEC system has been refined for use in F20C. Its three lobes, dual/triple cam follower arrangement has been optimized for high engine speeds. 2 liter DOHC four straight equipped with roller rockers, forged piston skirt shallow, ladder frame main bearing stiffener and fiber-reinforced aluminum for the cylinder.

F20C engine can produce strong low-end torque, something that most of the other missing VTEC engines, the VTEC kicks in at 5850 RPM and the engine continues to produce power up to 9000rpm. The results are impressive, F20C rated at 250PS for JDM cars, thanks to a higher compression ratio, and 240PS for the rest of the world with a lower compression ratio. In addition to the extreme power output compared to its size, the F20C engine is also very efficient, so the Honda S2000 qualifies as Low – Emission Vehicle (LEV).

2003 Honda S2000 Cylinder Head Parts Diagram (F20C Engine):

2003 Honda S2000 Cylinder Head Parts Diagram (F20C Engine)
  1. Exhaust Valve Guide
  2. Cylinder Head Bolt
  3. Intake Valve Spring
  4. Intake Valve Seal
  5. Intake Valve Guide
  6. Idler Gear Collar
  7. Idler Gear
  8. Cam Chain Sprocket
  9. Washer
  10. O-Ring
  11. Washer
  12. Exhaust Valve
  13. Dowel Pin
  14. Intake Valve
  15. Cylinder Head Gasket
  16. Cam Chain Auto-Tensioner
  17. Vtec Selonoid Valve Filter
  18. Cylinder Head
  19. Valve Spring Seat
  20. Exhaust Valve Seal
  21. Exhaust Valve Spring
  22. Spring Retainer
  23. Valve Keepers
  24. Lost Motion Assembly

This diagram is based on the Honda workshop manual. Some vehicles using the F20C engine are 1999-2005 Honda S2000 (Japan), 2000-2003 Honda S2000 (North America), and from 1999 to 2009 Honda S2000 (United Kingdom, Europe, Australia). Hopefully the article of 2003 Honda S2000 Cylinder Head Parts Diagram (F20C Engine) useful for you.

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