Infiniti FX / QX70 Timing Chain Marks (VQ37VHR V6 Engine)

Infiniti FX / QX70 Timing Chain Marks (VQ37VHR V6 Engine) – INFINITI has announced the latest model of the 2015 QX70 is no longer using the V8 engine. In the past year, the SUV made by manufacturers based in Hong Kong has 390hp power, resulting from the 5.0-liter V8 engine. Now, the machine is not in use anymore. Instead of using a 3.7-liter V6 engine that is claimed to have the power 325hp.

The reasons for choosing this V6 engine because the market of a V8 engine percentages are low and they finally decided to focus work on the V6-engined car market. Infiniti QX70 claimed to be more fuel efficient, for use in city fuel consumption of 17 miles per gallon and 24 miles per gallon when used on highways.

2014 Infiniti FX / QX70 Timing Chain Marks (VQ37VHR V6 Engine):

1. Internal chain guide
2. Camshaft sprocket (INT)
3. Timing chain (secondary)
4. Camshaft sprocket (EXH)
5. Timing chain tensioner (primary)
6. Slack guide
7. Timing chain (primary)
8. Crankshaft sprocket 9. Water pump
10. Tension guide
11. Timing chain tensioner (secondary) (bank 2)
12. Timing chain tensioner (secondary) (bank 1)
A. Matching mark [punched (back side)]
B. Matching mark (yellow link)
C. Matching mark (punched)
D. Matching mark (orange link)
E. Matching mark (notched)
F. Crankshaft Key
G. Matching mark (punched)

The figure above shows the relationship between the matching mark on each timing chain and that on the corresponding sprocket with the components installed. Matching marks between timing chain and sprockets slip easily. Confirm all matching mark positions repeatedly during the installation process. Hopefully the article of Infiniti FX / QX70 Timing Chain Marks (VQ37VHR V6 Engine) useful for you.

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