2016 Nissan LEAF Engine Compartment Diagram

2016 Nissan LEAF Engine Compartment Diagram – Talking about the development of the automotive world does not cease both technology and other advanced features. As well as the world-renowned automotive companies namely Toyota, which brand the car brand has recently claimed to be king of the type of hybrid vehicle technology. But it turns out Nissan more advanced than Toyota in the technology sector, because now electric vehicle technology or known as Electric Vehicle (EV) has been controlled by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan.

Nissan Leaf is a major project as the development of electric vehicles. In fact, Nissan Leaf is already sold in bulk which new models are already pinned the future of EV technology. The first passenger vehicle that carries EV technology has been received well in various countries including Japan, Norway and the United States. In addition, the new car Nissan Leaf is already separated in the hands of customers in the world by more than 100 thousand units of vehicles starting in 2014 ago.

2016 Nissan LEAF Engine Compartment Diagram:

  1. Brake fluid reservoir
  2. 12-volt battery
  3. Fuse holder
  4. Fuse/Fusible link holder
  5. Coolant reservoir cap
  6. Windshield-washer fluid reservoir
  7. Fuse/Fusible link holder

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