2003 Honda S200 Intake Manifold Components (F20C engine)

2003 Honda S200 Intake Manifold Components (F20C engine) – In 1995, Honda S2000 was first shown and launched four years later to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Honda. Japanese manufacturers are producing S 2000 is limited, only no more than 2,500 units in the world. That is the main attraction of the S2000, in addition to the engine that could be considered mischievous. Honda embeds S 2000 with the F20C engine powered 2000cc. Using a 6-speed manual transmission, this roadster car blowing power of 250 horsepower with a peak torque of 9,000 rpm.

Cars are already using the Euro 2 for emission levels can be sped up to speeds of 100 kilometers per hour no more than 7 seconds. But unfortunately, this machine is not suitable to be a material engine swap, because the machine is designed for cars with the rear axle, while the other Honda cars generally use the front axle. Honda S2000 older discontinued in 2009 after acting for 10 years.

2003 Honda S200 Intake Manifold Components (F20C engine):

2003 Honda S200 Intake Manifold Components (F20C engine)
  1. Intake air temperature IAT Sensor
  2. O-ring
  3. Air Control Valve
  4. Gasket
  5. O-ring
  6. Engine Coolant Temperature ECT Sensor
  7. O-ring
  8. Water Outlet Cover
  9. Idle Air Control IAC Valve
  10. O-ring
  11. Intake Manifold
  12. Intake Manifold Brackets
  13. Gasket
  14. Throttle Body
  15. Bleed Bolt
  16. Gasket

This diagram is based on the Honda workshop manual. This engine applied to 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Honda S2000 (North America). Hopefully the article of 2003 Honda S200 Intake Manifold Components (F20C engine) useful for you.

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