2015 Renault Megane Coupe Tyre Pressure Reset Procedure

2015 Renault Megane Coupe Tyre Pressure Reset Procedure – The Renault Mégane is a small family car produced by the French manufacturer Renault. The Mégane Renault is the replacement of 19 and there are four generations, launched in 1995, 2002, 2008 and 2016 respectively. All have cross-front and front-wheel drive and all of them are with bodies hatchback of three and five doors, with the exception of the first generation, which was no three-door hatchback (since in its place was a coupe version two doors), and the fourth generation, which permanently deletes this body. The first two generations were also offered in four-door sedan variants, the first three in two-door convertible and four familiar. The station wagon version of Mégane Renault Scénic and is called Renault Grand Scénic, with which it shares platform and powertrains.

The third-generation Mégane was shown as a prototype three-door hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show 2007. The production version was officially launched at the Paris Motor Show that year in variants hatchback of three and five doors. The five-door hatchback went on sale in June 2008, while the three-door is available from January 2009 under the name “Mégane Coupé”. At the 2009 Geneva Motor variant of the Mégane family, sold from the second half of the year with “Mégane Grand Tour” or “Mégane Sport Tourer” designations, as the market exhibited.

2015 Renault Megane Coupe Tyre Pressure Reset Procedure:

If you replaced a wheel, tire, TPMS sensor etc. and are now getting a warning light on your car, then the sensor need to be reset. To relearn turning off or reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light on your 2016 2015 Renault Megane, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the vehicle is at a complete stop
  • Turn the engine switch off
  • Adjust the tire inflation pressure recommended on the tire placard located on the door panel.
  • Turn the ignition to position On without starting the engine.
  • Hit the up arrow button on the wash wipe switch  and select Tyre Pressure Monitor
  • Press and Hold the up arrow button again to launch the reset.

For more details, please watch the following video:

This procedure should be work on the first generation of Renault Megane (2015 2016 2017) models. Hopefully the article of 2015 Renault Megane Coupe Tyre Pressure Reset Procedure usefull for you. Good Luck!

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