2003-2006 Ducati 749R Crankshaft Parts Component Diagram

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2003-2006 Ducati 749R Crankshaft Parts Component Diagram – Ducati 749R which is a “twin brother” of the Ducati 999 is one of the fastest supersport. As readers know that usually, Ducati Superbike issued its variants in three versions, the regular version, the S version and the version of R. For the 749 variant, too, there is a version of the 749, 749S version (using Ohlins suspension for the front and rear) and a version of the 749R (track-ready, using Ohlins, and innards in the engine already used parts for racing). Crankshaft becomes a major component in an internal combustion engine. Crankshaft became the center axis of each movement of the piston.

In general, the crankshaft made of cast iron because it must be able to accommodate the moment of inertia generated by the up and down movement of the piston. So that the main function of the crankshaft is TURNING up and down movement generated by the piston into circular motion which will be forwarded to the transmission. Crankshaft must be made of strong materials and able to withstand strong loads or moments because the crankshaft must receive a high engine speed. In this post, we will provide information about the Crankshaft component of the Ducati 749R.

2003-2006 Ducati 749R Crankshaft Parts Component Diagram

2003-2006 Ducati 749R Crankshaft Parts Component Diagram
  1. Crankshaft
  2. Special screw
  3. Cap
  4. Threaded dowel
  5. Connecting rods pair
  6. Bush
  7. Spacer
  8. Half-bearing
  9. Special screw
  10. Woodruff key
  11. Shim th. 1.9
  12. Lock washer
  13. Nut
  14. Nut
  15. Spring washer

This diagram is based on the Ducati workshop manual. The diagram above can be applied to Ducati 749R and 749S (2003 2004 2005 2006 model years). Hopefully the article of 2003-2006 Ducati 749R Crankshaft Parts Component Diagram useful for you.

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