Volkswagen Beetle: How To Reset Service/Inspection Light (2005-2019)

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Hi everyone. Today, I will teach you how to reset the service minder or inspection light on a Volkswagen Beetle. This car is fantastic; it’s straightforward to do the oil change, and it’s going to be a simple, quick one. So anyway is going to be another tip for you.

So when your car is due for an oil change, the service light will turn itself on. It’s like a timer or countdown from one mile to 10,000 miles. There are some methods of resetting the service and the inspection light. So let’s check it out.

How To Reset Service/Inspection Light On Volkswagen Beetle

Warning! Please note your vehicle model. This procedure applies to the second and third generations of the Volkswagen Beetle (2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 model years).

2005-2011 VW Beetle

It’s very easy to reset the service light on an old Volkswagen Beetle. You simply use the buttons on the cluster to do it. So all we’re gonna do is:

  • With the ignition off press and hold the TRIP button
reset oil service light on vw with trip button
  • Now turn the ignition on but while keeping the TRIP button pressed
  • Once it start up release the button and then hold it down again until the spanner symbol go away

2011-2019 VW Beetle

All right in this chapter we have a 2017 Volkswagen Beetle and we’re gonna get rid of the oil service light. There are 2 ways to do this, so let’s take a look.

Service Light Reset

Beetle Without Text Display
  • Switch off the ignition
  • Then you need to be holding down the 0.0/SET button while turning the ignition on
reset oil service light on vw with set button
  • After that, wait for the beeping to stop and then press ❏ button
Beetle With Text Display
  • The first step is turn off your car
  • Next, hold down the 0.0/SET button and at the same time you’re gonna turn on your car
  • As soon as you hit it, it’s gonna say the oil service reset? So we just press OK on the steering wheel and it’s done
reset oil service light on vw with steering wheel

Inspection Light Reset

Beetle With Text Display

Time needed: 3 minutes.

So to reset the inspection light, we’re going to do the same process as the service light but just with the hazards. So the first thing we have to do is:

  1. Turn on the emergency flashers

    With the car off, turn your hazards on
    vw emergency flashlight

  2. Press and hold the 0.0/SET button while turn on your car

    Then you’re gonna need to hold down the 0.0/SET button and turn the key forward without starting the car

  3. Press OK button

    Afterward, it will ask you if you really want to reset the inspection and you’re going to press the OK button that you have on your steering wheel or on the windscreen wiper lever

Beetle Without Text Display
  • Turn off the car and turn on the emergency flashers
  • Press and hold the 0.0/SET button and then we put the key on
  • Once it start up release the 0.0/SET button and swap over to press the ❏ on the left within 20 seconds

So basically, that’s how you do it. So now you’re suitable for another five dozen. Anyway, thank you so much for reading.

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