2009 Toyota Corolla XRS Timing Marks Diagram (2.4L 2AZ Engine)

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2009 Toyota Corolla XRS Timing Marks Diagram (2.4L 2AZ Engine) – The E140 generation of the Corolla range, was founded in 2006. It is the result of a project based on a completely new platform developed specifically for compact models of the Toyota range. The platform called MC (Middle Class) is also adopted by the third generation of Toyota RAV4 and Avensis from the last series. Because of the failure of the previous generation in Europe, the new Corolla does not adopt more original designation on the European market, in fact, the hatchback version or with 3 and 5 door body is called Auris and the Corolla name is maintained only by the sedan version It is the best-selling version in the world.

On the European market the Corolla so it is no longer sold and replaced by Auris will be sold only in a few European markets such as Russia and Turkey (as well as throughout the rest of the world). Note with design code E140, the latest generation of Corolla is not sold in Japan replaced by the Corolla Axio and the Corolla Fielder, substantially two new cars developed on the previous series to reduce the costs of the production platform, then do not adopt the new platform MC. The presentation of the E140 takes place in 2006.

2009 Toyota Corolla XRS Timing Marks Diagram (2.4L 2AZ Engine):

2009 Toyota Corolla XRS Timing Marks Diagram (2.4L 2AZ Engine)

Note: Set the crankshaft key in the left horizontal position. Turn the cutout of the drive shaft so that it faces upward. Align the yellow mark links with the timing marks of each gear as shown in the illustration. Turn the camshafts with a wrench (using the hexagonal lobe) to align the timing marks of the camshaft timing gear with each timing mark.

Here is a video on how to install the timing chain, you can see the timing mark in detail:

The Toyota AZ series is an engine family of advanced inline four-cylinder piston engines. The engine range offers many advanced technologies, including oblique injection combustion chambers, deviating cylinder Krukaslyne and VVT-i continually variable inlet valve-timer system. This diagram is based on the Toyota workshop manual. The diagram above applies to the Toyota Corolla XRS 2009 2010 model years (2011-2013 only in Mexico). Hopefully the article of 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS Timing Marks Diagram (2.4L 2AZ Engine) useful for you.

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