Reset Tire Pressure System Light on 2014-2016 Toyota Verso

Reset Tire Pressure System Light on 2014-2016 Toyota Verso – The Toyota Verso is a vehicle classified as compact MPV produced by the automaker Toyota since 2009. Presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2009 edition Verso replaces the second and last generation of Corolla Verso and captures the legacy of stage models come out some years before the Toyota range as the Avensis and the Yaris Verso in both versions.

The result of the design center Toyota French Style follows the current opened from the latest Avensis and Auris characterized by a front equipped with a large bumper which possesses a U-shaped pattern, the side panels characterized by a ribbing that part from the front wheels and reaches the roof while the tail is characterized by headlights with bright LED technology to ice background. The drag coefficient is contained in the value of 0.295. The interior space has been designed to offer maximum flexibility thanks to the seven standard seats that can be reclined to obtain a perfectly flat load area. The new design is characterized by the central dashboard instrumentation slightly oriented towards the driver.

How to Reset Tire Pressure System Light on 2014-2016 Toyota Verso:

If you replaced a wheel, tire, TPMS sensor etc. and are now getting a warning light on your car, then the sensor need to be reset. To reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light on your 2014 2015 2016 2017 Toyota Verso, follow these steps:

  • Stop the vehicle in a safe place and turn the engine switch off and engage the parking brake.
  • Adjust the tire inflation pressure recommended on the tire placard located on the door panel.
  • Turn the engine switch to the “ON” position
  • Look down the steering wheel, then locate and press the tire pressure warning reset button until the tire pressure warning light blinks 3 times.

scion iq tpms button reset

  • Wait for a few minutes with the engine switch in the “ON” position
  • Finally turn the engine switch to the “ACC” or “LOCK” position.

For more details please check the following video:

The procedure above can be applied to all the generations of Toyota Verso (2014, 2015 2016 2017) model years, which is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Hopefully the article of Reset Tire Pressure System Light on 2014-2016 Toyota Verso useful for you.

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