How To Reset Infiniti G37 ECU Check Engine Light (2008-2013)

How To Reset Infiniti G37 ECU Check Engine Light (2008-2013) – The Infiniti G (Q50 and Q60 from 2013) is a D-segment car produced by the Japanese automaker Infiniti between 1990 and 1996. The first two generations of G are essentially identical to the first generation Nissan Primera (P10) and second-generation (P11). four-door sedan sold only. The only petrol engine was an inline four-cylinder and 2.0-liter engine, which is offered with a manual gearbox or five-speed automatic four gears. The first was sold between 1990 and 1996 and the second between 1998 and 2002.

The fourth generation of G put up for sale in late 2007, coincides with the V36 Skyline. It maintains the platform of the previous generation but receives petrol engines V6 new: a 2.5-liter 218 hp (“Infiniti G25”), a 3.5-liter 306 hp (“Infiniti G35”) and a 3.7-liter 320 hp (“Infiniti G37 “). The fifth generation of the model change of name to Q50 for the sedan variant. It premiered at the Detroit Motor Show 2013 and began selling in the third quarter of that year. Gasoline engines are inline four-cylinder 2.0-liter (214 hp and a V6 of 3.7 liters and 333 hp. an electric-gasoline hybrid that delivers 364 hp is also available. Meanwhile, Diesel is a 2.2-liter four-cylinder and 170 hp.

How To Reset Infiniti G37 ECU Check Engine Light (2008-2013)

How To Reset Infiniti G37 ECU Check Engine Light (2008-2013)

Time Needed : 7 minutes

If you want to turn off or clear the Check Engine Light / ECU light in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Infiniti G37, perform the following procedures within the specified time! Because timing is extremely critical.

  1. Turn the ignition key to position “ON” without starting the engine and wait 3 seconds.

  2. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal five times within 5 seconds.

  3. Wait 7 seconds

  4. Fully depress the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and hold for ten seconds. until the CEL starts blinking.

    At this point, the light CEL should start flashing error code stored in the system and you can release the pedal. If you only get five flashes slowly or not flashing at all, then it is time You went on one of the above steps and you have to start from scratch.

  5. Fully release the accelerator pedal (while the CEL is still blinking) and wait about 10 seconds.

  6. Fully depress the accelerator pedal and keep it for more than 10 seconds.

  7. Fully release the accelerator pedal (The CEL light will continue to blink).

  8. Turn the ignition off and start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset.

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For more details, please watch the following video:

Note: Repeat the process, if the lights still illuminate when you start the engine. Timing is EXTREMELY critical to resetting the ECU.

This tutorial is based on the Infiniti owner’s manual. This procedure should be work on all generations of Infiniti G37 (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) models. Hopefully, the article How To Reset Infiniti G37 ECU Check Engine Light (2008-2013) useful for you. Good Luck!

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