2015 Toyota Prius Engine Compartment Diagram

2015 Toyota Prius Engine Compartment Diagram – Thanks to toyota prius, toyota getting awards and certificates as cars with the lowest emissions levels worldwide. Toyota Prius was also chosen as the best car in Europe in 2005 and in America in 2006. In addition, the motor trend magazine has also been nominated the most fuel-efficient cars as the best cars. Many awards were achieved by this car because it is environmentally friendly.

Fun atmosphere will be reflected when you first drive a 2015 Prius because the car is nearly silent. Toyota Prius C and V and Plugin has two fuel systems. Namely the use of electricity and gasoline. The goal is when you run out of gas on the way, then you can still continue the journey so far 24 KM using electricity. Highly sophisticated technology for a car.

2015 Toyota Prius Engine Compartment Diagram:

  1. Engine coolant reservoir
  2. Engine oil level dipstick
  3. Engine oil filler cap
  4. Power control unit coolant reservoir
  5. Brake fluid reservoir
  6. Fuse box
  7. Radiator
  8. Condenser
  9. Electric cooling fans
  10. Washer fluid tank

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