2003-2020 Nissan Titan Timing Marks Diagram (5.6 L VK56DE Engine)

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2003-2020 Nissan Titan Timing Marks Diagram (5.6 L VK56DE Engine) – Nissan entered the Detroit Auto Show in 2015 at a steady pace through the latest big pickup, Titan XD. In its debut at the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan wants to show the world that the automaker’s home country of the Rising Sun is creating a new pickup segment through New Titan in 2016. Titan is offered in two body frame size, with larger nicknamed Titan XD. With a 151.6-inch wheelbase, XD models will have a length of 20 inches is more elastic than the standard model.

In the previous generation, Nissan Titan uses a V8 engine with a capacity of 5.6 liters. This machine is capable of producing a total output reaches 317 horsepower. The engine unit combined with a five-speed automatic transmission. Nissan Titan comes in two models King Cab and Crew Cab. Both are equipped with a choice of the two-wheel drive system and all-wheel drive.

2003-2020 Nissan Titan Timing Marks Diagram (5.6 L VK56DE Engine):

2003-2020 Nissan Titan Timing Marks Diagram (5.6 L VK56DE Engine)
1. Camshaft sprocket RH bank INT (VTC)
2. Camshaft sprocket RH bank EXH
3. Camshaft Dowel Pin RH bank
4. Timing chain RH bank
5. Timing chain slack guide RH bank
6. Chain tensioner RH
7. Crankshaft sprocket
8. Crankshaft Key
9. Timing chain tension guide LH bank
10. Timing chain LH bank
11. Camshaft Dowel Pin LH bank
12. Camshaft sprocket LH bank EXH
13. Camshaft sprocket LH bank INT (VTC)
14. Chain tensioner LH
15. Timing chain tension guide RH bank
16. Timing chain slack guide LH bank
A. LH Bank
B. RH bank
C. Alignment mark (Link color: copper)
D. Alignment mark (Link color: copper)
E. Alignment mark (Identification mark)
F. Alignment mark for LH bank (Notch)
G. Alignment mark for LH bank (Link Color: zinc yellow)
H. Alignment mark for RH bank (Link Color: zinc yellow)
J. Alignment mark (Link color: copper)
K. Alignment mark (Identification mark)
L. Alignment mark (Identification mark)
M Alignment mark (Link color: copper)
N. Alignment mark (Identification mark)

This diagram is based on the Nissan Titan workshop manual. The illustration above shows the relationship between the mating mark on each timing chain and that of the corresponding sprocket, with the components installed. It can be applied to 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Nissan Titan. Hopefully the article of 2003-2020 Nissan Titan Timing Marks Diagram (5.6 L VK56DE Engine) useful for you.

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