2006 Toyota Matrix Cylinder Head Components (1ZZ-FE Engine)

2006 Toyota Matrix Cylinder Head Components (1ZZ-FE Engine) – Look at the function, shape, performance, and capabilities of the Toyota Matrix you may be a little confused as to classify this one of Toyota vehicles. Toyota categorizes the type CUV, which means the compact utility vehicle. CUV term foreign indeed spoken or heard, but the Matrix will be familiar once ridden. For those not familiar with the Matrix, this variant was first introduced in 2003 as a model 2003. In just over half a year, Toyota has sold 30 thousand compact wagons that took the base of the Corolla.

Matrix created for the youth market who crave a vehicle with a sporty image and completely functional. Toyota claims Matrix is a combination of style and performance of a sports car with an SUV functionality and performance of a compact sedan. Toyota Matrix 2003-2006 model year equipped with 1ZZ-FE engine 1.8-liter powered 180 horsepower. This variant has a 6-speed manual transmission system with the front-wheel steering system. However, Matrix is also available in all-wheel-drive (4WD). The following diagram parts of the 2006 Toyota Matrix Cylinder Head Components.

2006 Toyota Matrix Cylinder Head Components (1ZZ-FE Engine):

2006 Toyota Matrix Cylinder Head Components (1ZZ-FE Engine)
  1. Camshaft Bearing Cap No. 1
  2. Camshaft Bearing Cap No. 3
  3. Camshaft No. 2
  4. Camshaft
  5. Plate Washer
  6. Cylinder Head Sub–assy
  7. O–ring
  8. Gasket
  9. Intake Manifold
  10. Clamp Bracket
  11. Oil Level Gauge Sub–assy
  12. Oil Level Gage Guide
  13. O–ring
  14. Manifold Stay
  15. Cylinder Head Gasket
  16. Camshaft Timing Oil Control Valve Assy

This diagram is based on the Toyota workshop manual. This engine is also applied to the Toyota Corolla CE / LE / S / VE, Fielder, RUNX (Japan), Altis (Asia), Toyota Allion, Toyota Premio, Toyota Vista, and Vista Ardeo, Caldina Toyota Will VS, Toyota RAV4, Chevrolet Prizm, Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Celica GT, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Opa, Isis Toyota, Toyota Wish. Hopefully the article of 2006 Toyota Matrix Cylinder Head Components (1ZZ-FE Engine) useful for you.

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