2004 Toyota Corolla Engine Cylinder Block Diagram (1ZZ-FE)

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2004 Toyota Corolla Engine Cylinder Block Diagram (1ZZ-FE) – Toyota Corolla has always been a mainstay of Toyota is currently struggling with a Honda Civic from generation to generation. In 2000, Toyota launched the 9th generation Corolla produced until 2006. Toyota Altis 9th generation engine brings 1ZZ-FE VVT-i with a capacity of 1,794 ccs with a power of 147 hp.

By using VVT-i technology, this 9th generation technology eventually could match its competitors at the time, Honda Civic VTEC engine that has been brought from 1996. It is a machine with variable valve timing technology developed by Toyota. VVT-i replaces the Toyota VVT technology that has begun to be applied in 1991 in the Toyota 4A-GE engine 5 cylinders. Machines that have been used in most of the Toyota car is claimed to make the engine more efficiently and powered, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

2004 Toyota Corolla Engine Cylinder Block Components Diagram (1ZZ-FE):

2004 Toyota Corolla Engine Cylinder Block Diagram (1ZZ-FE)
  1. Compression Ring No. 1
  2. Compression Ring No. 2
  3. Oil Ring (Expander)
  4. Piston
  5. Snap Ring
  6. Connecting Rod
  7. Connecting Rod Bearing
  8. Cylinder Block Sub–assy
  9. Crankshaft Bearing
  10. Crankshaft Thrust Washer Upper
  11. Key
  12. Crankshaft
  13. Connecting Rod Bearing
  14. Connecting Rod Bearing Cap
  15. Crankshaft Bearing Cap Sub–assy
  16. Crankshaft Bearing
  17. Crankshaft Thrust Washer Upper
  18. Piston Pin
  19. Snap Ring
  20. Oil Ring (Side Rail)

This diagram is based on the Toyota workshop manual. Besides applied to the Toyota Corolla, the machine is also applied in the Toyota Allion, Toyota Premio, Toyota Vista, and Vista Ardeo, Will VS, Toyota Caldina, Toyota RAV4, Chevrolet Prizm, Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Celica GT, Toyota Matrix XR, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Opa, Isis Toyota, Toyota Wish. Hopefully the article of 2004 Toyota Corolla Engine Cylinder Block Diagram (1ZZ-FE) useful for you.

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  1. my toyota engine izz fe vvti engine smoking and having shortage of engine oil, and dead plugs on the number one. what should i do?

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