The Most Advanced Features in the Ford Fusion Hybrid

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Top of the morning, yea! I’m here, and over the past few months, I’ve teamed up with Ford to test drive this Ford Fusion Hybrid, and I’ve learned a lot about the advanced technology features of this car, and I’ve been super impressed.

Everything from the hybrid engine that will help you as a driver gets better gas mileage to the infotainment system and many of the features that help with a hands-free operation to be out on the road. So let’s go ahead and run inside right now.

The Most Advanced Features in the Ford Fusion Hybrid


Ford Fusion Hybrid Engine

The Ford Fusion Hybrid uses a combination of a gas and electric engine to get you that great MPG and to put over a thousand miles already in this car in just a few months of testing it, and I’m getting close to 42 miles per gallon. So I think that’s a pretty good sample size, and it also fits in very nicely with what Ford advertises for this car.

I couldn’t tell whether it was on the gas or the electric engine for the first few weeks of driving this car. That’s how seamless the transition is, and that also shows you sort of the power of this hybrid technology because when you’re stopped when you’re going at low speeds, it’s running on electric, and it’s nice and quiet. 

It’s nice and peaceful. You’re getting excellent gas mileage, but when you need that power, when you need that torque, when you’re merging onto the freeway, you can quickly accelerate. It switches seamlessly to the gas engine, which you overlook.

Ford SYNC 3

The Ford SYNC 3 is an integrated software system that allows you to keep both hands on the wheel. So as a driver, safety is obviously super important, and it helps you with everything from steering wheel controls to voice control, and then you also have the touchscreen. There are a few different options when you’re driving. You want to focus on using the steering wheel controls. So you’ve got the standard cruise control, and you’ve also got the simple operations like allowing you to skip and go to the next music track. You can also answer a call or, of course, control the volume. Then you’ve also got a fantastic voice control feature. It also is one that I like because it shows your passengers that you value their safety.

It’s essential to ensure they are operating this when you’re stopped at a stop light or when you’re waiting for your passenger to come outside. Now, if you cycle through a few of these screens here, we can start with the audio screen, and there’s a severe integration so that you can use that as a test. You have here your standard climate, so that’s all they did the essential climate operation. If you have the option on the car to get heated seats or cool seats, that’s a superb option. 

SYNC Connect

I’m a big fan of forward-thinking technological innovations, and the SYNC Connect powered by the FordPass app falls into that category. These are a set of Ford Fusion Hybrid features that I haven’t seen on many vehicles today, and if you have the FordPass app and this optional upgrade on your car, you have a few different cool things you can do. 

You can track the vehicle’s location remotely, monitor the fuel levels, and remotely start and stop your car. Let’s say that when you get up at 5 a.m., it’s 45 degrees outside. You can set your vehicle to turn on and a specific schedule for 5 a.m. every single morning that you’re going to drive so by the time you get in there, you can get into a nice warm car and go about and do your job. 

Lastly, another optional feature you can add is the SYNC connect Wi-Fi hotspot. Now what this does is turn your vehicle into a mobile hotspot, and now your passengers can get high-speed internet access just sitting in the back of the car, which is pretty cool, and that’s one of those features that allows you as a rideshare driver to take your experience to the next level.

EP plus mode

The EP plus mode is a feature I like because it will save you gas. It starts to recognize your most frequently visited destinations, and as you get within about a quarter mile, it starts to shift towards EP driving only. So then, that way, you’re not using gas as you’re approaching your final destination, and you can see this on the indicator. You’ll see a little EP plus mode pop up, and if you forget what EP plus is, you have. There is a handy little tutorial right here on the gauge’s left side explaining what EP plus is.

So on the right side of the screen, you’ve got a fantastic little driving coach and what this does is it scores you as you’re driving on things like acceleration, braking, and even cruising. The reason why that’s important is that first, it’s going to give you better miles per gallon right if you can charge the electric motor more when you’re using that regenerative braking and when you’re cruising, it also sets the engine there, it allows you to get better miles per gallon and of course with acceleration the smoother that you can accelerate the better mpg you’re going to get.

So many of these Ford Fusion Hybrid features that are helping with miles per gallon are also going to help improve that experience for your passenger, which means that you’re going to get better ratings and tips and provide an overall better experience for your ride. If you want a quick visual snapshot of how you’re doing and how efficiently you’re driving, you can always check the efficiency needs. All you’ll see is an excellent branch; the more efficiently you’re going, the more leaves will grow on this branch. 

So I’ve had a blast driving the floor Fusion Hybrid over the past few months and learning about all the new technological features it offers. The cool thing they’re introducing, my favorite part, though, is probably the intelligent gauges because it will help with the miles per gallon and the passenger experience. As a driver, gas is going to be your number one expense, so anything you can do to offset the cost of gas and get better fuel mileage will be huge. The smart gauge helps a ton with that, but it also helps you with smoother acceleration, smoother braking, and a better general experience for your passengers. 

So that was the end of the post today. Let me know your favorite Ford Fusion Hybrid feature in the comments below, and stay tuned for our next post. Thanks for stopping by and have a great time.

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