Ford Territory Fuel System Shut-Off Switch Reset Location

Ford Territory Fuel System Shut-Off Switch Reset Location – Ford Territory is a crossover car built by Ford Australia on the Ford BA Falcon. In 2000, Ford unveiled a concept car at the many car shows as a model Ford R7. Ford Territory was produced in April 2004 and in the same year won the “2004 Wheels Car of the Year.” The original SX model was produced in 2004-2005. It has a 6-cylinder 4.0 L DOHC I6 Barra with 182 kW (245 hp).

The gearbox is automatic and 4-speed. The newer SY model came out in October 2005. The gearbox was changed to a 6-speed ZF. Power was increased to 190 kW (255 hp). In 2006, the model came out with a 245 kW turbo model. Each model can be driven either on the rear wheels or on 4 wheels (AWD model). The cheapest option is TX. Better models are TS and Ghia.

Ford Territory Fuel System Shut-Off Switch Reset Location:

The fuel pump shut-off (inertia) switch is a device that stops the fuel pump of the fuel delivery to the engine. If your engine cranks but does not start, this switch may have been activated. Here’s how to find and reset the switch:

  • On the 2016 Ford Territory, the fuel pump shut-off switch is located in the front passenger outboard footwell. May you need to remove the lower scuff plate to access the switch

  • Make sure to turn off your vehicle
  • Pushing in the Fuel pump shut-off (inertia) switch
  • Turn the ignition to the ON position (Do not turn the ignition to ‘START) and wait a few seconds and return the key to off position.

For more details, please watch following video:

Warning! Do not reset the fuel system shut-off switch if you see or smell fuel from the fuel system.This procedure works on a 2016 Ford Territory that uses Petrol engine. Hopefully, the article of Ford Territory Fuel System Shut-Off Switch Reset Location useful for you.

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