2009 Nissan 350Z Exhaust System Diagram

2009 Nissan 350Z Exhaust System Diagram – This is a sports car upward as a coupé or roadster built by Nissan Motors. The market was introduced in August 2002. The car was on the list of top ten cars Car and Driver magazine for 2003. In 2004, Nismo has developed its own special version of the 350Z. The standard exhaust system has been replaced with a sports facility in two tailpipes. Aerodynamics has been revised with the introduction of a body kit created in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, home of the famous video game producer of Gran Turismo driving simulator.

The Nismo 350Z has also built a version with increased performance. It called R-Tune, incamerava a VQ35 V6 engine with a power of 305 hp 3.5 managed by a manual six-speed gearbox. The sports exhaust system was in S-Tune model stainless steel, the same version of the suspensions that stiffened the car set-up to improve the maneuverability. The braking system was constituted by disc brakes Nismo R-Tune and the car body was improved aerodynamics with the introduction of a new body-sports kit. In 2005 it was presented the special version for the 35th anniversary of the debut of the 240Z, with new 18-inch wheels lighter than 1.6 kg, only in black and yellow colors. After the end of production in 2009 it is coming to market its successor, the 370Z.

2009 Nissan 350Z Exhaust System Diagram:

2009 Nissan 350Z Exhaust System Diagram

  1. Main muffler
  2. Mounting rubber
  3. Mounting bracket
  4. Mounting rubber
  5. Center muffler
  6. Gasket
  7. Exhaust front tube
  8. Gasket
  9. Dynamic damper
  10. Mounting bracket
  11. Mounting bracket
  12. Mounting rubber
  13. Ground cable
  14. Ring gasket
  15. Mounting bracket
  16. Three way catalyst

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