2008-2010 Dodge Avenger Timing Marks (3.5 L EGF V6 Engine)

2008-2010 Dodge Avenger Timing Marks (3.5 L EGF V6 Engine) – The Dodge Avenger is (English for Avengers) a presented in spring 2007 midsize sedan the US carmaker Dodge. The vehicle takes the name of a sports coupe offered by the spring of 1995 until mid-2000 under this name. In Israel, the model is wearing the less martial sale Name Dodge Evangeline R.

The Dodge Avenger is produced for most markets in Sterling Heights plant in Michigan (USA). There also are the Chrysler Sebring sedan and the convertible (since 2011: Chrysler 200) built. The units for the Mexican market on the other hand since the spring of 2013, derived from the Dodge plant in Chihuahua. There it is built in an extended version. Enclosed rolls under the name Dodge GTS an identical model from the tape.

2008-2010 Dodge Avenger Timing Marks (3.5 L EGF V6 Engine):

  1. Align Camshafts With Timing Marks
  2. Install Tensioner Loose
  3. Crankshaft At TDC

Note: If camshafts have moved from the timing marks, always rotate camshaft towards the direction nearest to the timing marks (DO NOT TURN CAMSHAFTS A FULL REVOLUTION OR DAMAGE to valves and/or pistons could result).

This diagram applied for 2008 2009 2010 Dodge Avenger that use 3.5 Chrysler SOHC V6 engine (EGF). This engine also applied on 2007 2008 2009 2010 Chrysler Sebring. Hopefully the article of 2008-2010 Dodge Avenger Timing Marks (3.5 L EGF V6 Engine) useful for you.

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