2004 Ford F-150 Valve Train Parts Diagram (Triton 5.4L Engine)

2004 Ford F-150 Valve Train Parts Diagram (Triton 5.4L Engine) – Ford is an American icon for the world automotive experience. The company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. Second only to General Motors, the US car brand Ford is the best in history and has been the best-selling American brands over the past five years in a row. Ford sold more cars in 2014 than any other year in its history. Ford F Series is the fastest truck sold for this year.

Ford promises that the version of the F-150 will bring much sought answers to the needs of the consumers during this time. Ford F-series presents some of the latest technology, as well as cruising capability. Although externally similar to its predecessor, the 2004 F-150 uses a new platform. The eleventh generation has a big change in the driver’s window and was given a four-door. In addition, Ford also introduced the Triton engine in the 5.4L variant of the F-150.

2004 Ford F-150 Valve Train Parts Diagram (Triton 5.4L Engine):

  1. Camshaft bearing cap bolt (10 required)
  2. Camshaft front bearing cap
  3. Camshaft bearing cap (4 required)
  4. Camshaft
  5. Camshaft roller follower (12 required)
  6. Valve spring retainer key (24 required)
  7. Valve spring retainer (12 required)
  8. Valve spring (12 required)
  9. Valve seal (12 required)
  10. Hydraulic lash adjuster (12 required)
  11. Camshaft phaser and sprocket bolt
  12. Camshaft phaser and sprocket

The diagram above also applies to the Lincoln Mark LT, Ford Falcon / FUTURA / Fairmont / Fairmont Ghia, Ford Fairlane G220, Ford LTD, and the Ford Expedition. Hopefully the article of 2004 Ford F-150 Valve Train Parts Diagram (Triton 5.4L Engine) useful for you.

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